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St. Helens, OR 97051   503-397-3377
Senior Nutrition:    The joy of eating well and aging well
Congregate Meals:
Home Delivered Meals:
The Home Delivered Meals Program is a daily nutrition program providing meals to homebound seniors over 60 and spouses or disabled adult children. The Program is aimed at promoting better health among the homebound and older segment of the population. Home-delivered meals provide both nutrition and help to keep the individual in their home, reducing the chance of institutionalization. The Program also provides social contact through meal delivery volunteers to a person who may otherwise be homebound and isolated.

St Helens Senior Center serves nutritious meals to our seniors 5 days a week.  Beginning at 12:00 each day church groups and volunteers help serve the daily meal. Many come early for socialization and to get 1/3 of their daily needs of vitamins and minerals.

Menus are available at the Senior Center front desk.
Jennifer Meabe
Head Cook
Marvel Brown
HDM Coordinator
Remember the old adage: "you are what you eat".  Make it your motto too.  When you choose a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins you'll feel great inside and out.  We have made that choice at the St Helens Senior Center to "eat well".
Please call the St Helens Senior Center if you would like to volunteer in our Nutrition Program
Phone: 503-397-3377
Fax: 503-397-4795
Roberta Leuer
Activity calendars are available at front desk